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You are a Lover!

The Lover

bringing together

The Lover energy promotes the creative and visionary aspect of life.

Where the Warrior personality sets boundaries, the Lover seeks to touch and be touched by everything, both physically and emotionally. They often find it hard to accept boundaries. You can often identify them by their visible discontent when they experience conflict with others.

Lovers often have an intuitive sense for language or work. They do not necessarily formulate their arguments logically, but support them with their instinct or sensation. The Lovers possess the fiery power of the creative unconscious and a good sense with premonitions and intuitions about people, situations, or our future.

The Lover energy is the source of longing for a better world for ourselves and our fellow human beings. It ensures that the other archetypes remain humane.

The special talents
of lovers

  • They shape their lives through relationships
  • They are emotionally sensitive
  • They behave demonstratively and expressively
  • They see things from the perspective of "people" and always consider the impact on others
  • They are creative by bringing unrelated things together
  • They can attract great sympathies
  • They do not need to insist on their own truths
  • They identify with other people and willingly exert themselves to help them
  • They build strong relationships and bring people together
  • They act for the benefit of all

The difficulties
of lovers

  • They are too uncritical in their willingness to help and give take in too much emotional data, which overwhelms them and distorts their perception
  • They share too much information for relationships and invest too much time and energy in it
  • They see things too simplistically and person-oriented rely too much on their charm instead of preparing well are helpless in the face of relationship losses
  • They easily give up on their viewpoints
  • They struggle with setting boundaries
  • They can easily overstep boundaries of others
  • They can hardly restrain themselves from saving others who do not want to be saved
  • They can easily fall into the role of supermom, taking away space for growth
YOUr mission

Lovers find fulfillment in building strong relationships that lead to a valuable outcome for a greater cause.

Business types for Lovers

Build your kingdom!


Since you can empathize well with others, you have a gift that enables you to encourage others. However, you should always make sure to establish clear framework conditions that are respected by both sides in order not to run the risk of going too far or being taken advantage of.

Community Building

Since you can fully immerse yourself in building relationships and advocating for meaning, you can combine this into one thing and start a heart project that may have been dormant in you for a long time. Building a community around a topic that engages you is one possible way to leverage and monetize your passion.

Creative content

With your talent to fully empathize with something, you have a special access to your intuition and sense of impression and art. You can use this by creating artwork and taking others on your journey. On social media, you can share your talent and possibly even help other people live out theirs.

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