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I help women like you who want more out of life build a profitable online business to live the life they deserve.

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Hi, I’m Adriana

After intensive years in the automotive industry including my own corporate startup, I decided in 2021 to leave the corporate harbor and start my own business.

Since then, I have tried and tested countless business ideas, founded three startups and created a lifestyle by planning my life freely and self-determined.

Are you curious how you can create that same level of freedom for yourself, too? Don’t worry... I’ve got you.

I support ambitious women to create this lifestyle for them with their own online business, because you deserve to create your life the way you want it!

Learn from me

You want financial freedom AND to do what really fulfills you? Don't let anyone tell you that these are just dreams. I'll help you turn that into your reality with an online business.

Start your own online business

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In this free class I'll teach you 3 secrets to launching your thriving, profitable online business!

Business & Entrepreneurship

Build a profitable online business

Imagine having a business that gives you energy instead of taking it away. A business that allows you to work when and where you want, while giving you financial freedom. Sound good? Then you've come to the right place.


Set yourself up for success

Does that sound like you? You have this vision of your own business, and at the same time you have this voice in your head telling you a thousand things you can't do yet or what could go wrong. I'll show you techniques to strengthen the faith in yourself and step into action.

Marketing & Digitalization

Your business on autopilot

Digitize, automate and scale your online business so that as many people as possible can benefit from what you have to offer, and you are no longer a bottleneck.

Tips for
Lifestyle & Wellbeing

The meaning you were looking for

You want to live a meaningful life, grow on a personal level and focus on the really important things? I have dedicated myself for years to Buddhist psychology and practices and show you the way to a more meaningful life while building your business.

Learn from me

Are you looking for the path to your personal freedom? Do you want to get off the 9-to-5 hamster wheel, stop trading time for money and live your life the way you want?

These programs give you step-by-step strategies and clear action plans to move from "I want to quit my 9-to-5 and freedom to work for myself" to being a successful founder in charge of her schedule, income and future.

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Women I had the
pleasure to support

student success stories
What my students say
"Adriana's strategies helped me figure out what I really wanted. For me, it wasn't a big team, but a small business that helps me work remotely from where I want. After only 10 months, I can now do what I love full time!"
- Laura
What my students say
"With Adriana I have finally found what really fulfills me and developed an idea that also frees me financially!"
- Anna