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You are a Magician!

The Magician Archetype

creative soul

The Magician is knowledgeable and masterful in techniques, methods and technologies. She embodies contemplation and reflection.

Magicians possess clear-sighted, careful thinking based on inner wisdom, technical skills, insight, vision, and mental power. She always focuses on one thing at a time and creates clarity in every aspect of her life.

Magicians excel in precise analysis, using it to gain clarity and effectively engage with elements and details. In their work, they seek evidence to support their theories and are often bothered by compromises unrelated to the matter at hand.

Conflicts pose challenges for the Magician personality, as they prefer to delve into the substance of a matter rather than engage in conflict based on opinions.

The special talents
of magicians

  • They prefer analytical and logical expressions to mere opinions.
  • They appreciate objectivity and reason
  • They seek perfect solutions
  • They explain in detail and delve deep into a topic
  • They value and cultivate substance and expertise
  • They appreciate strict methodical approaches and order
  • They possess a high level of expertise in their field
  • They find it easy to delve into a topic that interests them
  • They are often artistically gifted
  • They can create clear visions that inspire others
  • They have a high level of imagination

The difficulties
of magicians

  • They perceive emotionality as irrational
  • They underestimate the role of emotions in motivating others
  • They struggle to deal with compromises
  • They doubt and can be quite pessimistic
  • Their pessimistic views can put them in depressive moods
  • They suppress their emotions or force them into the "required" path, so as not to interfere with rational, objective expressions
  • They can get stuck in their principled thinking
  • Their perfectionism can lead them to get in their own way
  • Your self-expression can seem too much for others to handle
YOUr mission

Magicians find fulfillment in mastering a skill to perfection and turning their visions into reality.

Business types for Magicians

Be your own creator

Content Creator

Since you're incredibly passionate about your thing, you have so much to say about it that you'll never run out of content. You happily talk about your topics all the time, so why not show the rest of the world what you love to do and make money doing it?


Since you've immersed yourself so much in one thing, you can both deepen your knowledge and monetize it by teaching other people how you did it. Online courses are a good way to do this, where you can explain step by step how to do it. Just keep in mind that others may not be able to dive as deep into the details as you, so don't get frustrated.

Build your own brand

With your talents, you have the best qualifications for creating products and offering them for sale. These can be either handicraft products or services. Note, however, that it will probably be easier for you not to have to pull a team with you or you may have to build up this skill first in order to meet the growth of your company also entrepreneurially without burning out. Try to put your perfectionism aside and stay focused on your vision.

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