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You are a Queen!

The Queen

building an empire

Queens focus on important matters and leave the smaller tasks to others. They give recognition, blessings, and gifts. They see others with their weaknesses, talents, and worth. They reward and encourage creativity in ourselves and others.

They see others in terms of how they can be useful, both for the benefit of others and sometimes at their own expense. This means that Queens constantly vacillate between being kind and being too controlling. Values are at the forefront of their actions. They often have a higher perspective, which makes them more forward-looking and visionary.

Because they look at things from above and often take responsibility, queens find it easier to recognize and accept contradictions. Because queens see the world this way, they often promote unity and discourage excessive behavior and judgment.

Queens give recognition, blessings, and gifts. They see others with their weaknesses, talents, and worth. They reward and encourage creativity in ourselves and others.

The special talents
of queens

  • They possess quick thinking and the ability to recognize the essential elements
  • They excel at thinking in broader contexts and effortlessly create new ideas, recognizing possibilities and analyzing patterns
  • They value visionary traits, individuality and strictly adhere to their core values
  • They can reach tremendous productivity peaks during times of energetic inspiration
  • They employ systematic approaches to achieve desired outcomes
  • They can think in highly complex structures
  • They create clarity and order wherever they are
  • They are often an anchor and offer security to other people
  • They can take the lead seemingly without effort

The difficulties
of queens

  • They gather information too superficially, overlooking important aspects, disregarding facts, and leaving too many things undecided
  • They take on too many topics simultaneously, leading to distracted and unfocused behavior
  • They overestimate possibilities
  • They can be impractical, overly independent, and self-centered
  • They easily become bored due to finding routine tasks tiresome
  • They hold unrealistic expectations regarding the time required to accomplish tasks
  • They often ask too much of people as they compare them to their own standards
  • They can appear harsh when strictly following their principles
YOUr mission

Queens find fulfillment in building their well-structured and functioning kingdom with firm principles, rules and values.

Business types for queens

Build your kingdom!


Do you have an idea that has been slumbering within you for a long time? Queens usually have a multitude of promising ideas tucked away in their drawer. This is your sign to bring out your dusty ideas, sort them out, and make a decision. Remember, dare to think big. With your qualities, you have the best prerequisites to make a significant impact, build a diverse team, and cater to demanding clients.


As a queen, you possess a natural talent for perceiving things from a bird's-eye view and grasping the bigger picture. You have the ability to quickly discern connections that elude most entrepreneurs due to their industry myopia. Your sensitivity towards others allows you to easily empathize with them. Furthermore, you are not fixated on a single matter, which enables you to effortlessly adapt solutions from one industry to another.

Scalable and automized businesses

With your organizational talent, you can establish comprehensive structures where each cog seamlessly interlocks with the next. You have a knack for finding the right people for every task that needs to be accomplished, giving you a distinct advantage in designing functional systems that can operate smoothly even in your absence.

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