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You are a Warrior!

The Warrior Archetype

striving for your goal

Warriors possess unwavering determination. They have a clear vision of what they desire and the know-how to attain it. They avoid excessive pondering and overthinking, as this can lead to doubts, which in turn can lead to hesitation and eventually to inaction. Contradictions are a danger to them; therefore, they fight until they achieve absolute clarity.

The loyalty and allegiance of warriors is committed to a cause that is greater than the individual, which leads them to consider their personal relationships in perspective. Their remarkable qualities include resolute determination and unwavering persistence. Warriors possess the exceptional ability to focus their energies and remain undisturbed by distractions.

Warriors  embody the qualities of both attackers and defenders, serving as protectors. This characteristic extends beyond their specialized domain and becomes evident in their unwavering dedication to preserving recognized truths and clarity.

The mark of a true warrior lies in their persistence to argue their position on specific matters until their worldview is validated. This determination stems from a genuine commitment to upholding order and achieving a comprehensive understanding.

The special talents
of warriors

  • They align themselves with goals
  • They recognize and set clear boundaries
  • They prefer practical, realistic, and present matters and are skilled strategists
  • They protect their viewpoints and what is important to themThey demand proof and are not impressed by mere opinions
  • They prefer to get thing done quickly and efficiently
  • They can give instructions as well as accept them as they are loyal
  • They make decisions based on clear factsThey are good decision makers

The difficulties
of warriors

  • They tend to overlook implications and meanings
  • They sacrifice relationships for their goals
  • They often reject new, innovative ideas and overlook future possibilities as they deem them too risky for the present moment
  • They can be know-it-alls
  • They miss favorable opportunities while waiting for evidence
  • They can seem frantic, insensitive, and pushy to others
  • They can fail to engage in sufficient discussion or seek the support of the group
YOUr mission

Warriors aim for goals with impact and mercilessly achieve them, no matter what stands in their way.

Business types for Warriors

Strong and strategic

Marketing & Sales

You see the goal and not the hurdles - in marketing and sales, it is often the greatest difficulty for people to stick with it and not let defeats get them down. As a warrior, however, your armor is so thick that nothing can shake you so easily. So your courage and perseverance make it easy for you to build a business in marketing and sales that requires perseverance and an analytical approach.

Impact Business or NGO

As a warrior, you need something for which your efforts are worthwhile, a strong purpose for which you get up every day and give everything. This can be fighting against injustice or for a more positive future with better solutions. With a strong purpose, your power grows as well.

Passive income streams

Those who decide to generate passive income often have to go unconventional ways and run the risk of encountering strong contradictory opinions. As a warrior, you have the strength within you to defy these opinions and keep searching for a model until you find one that meets your expectations and delivers results that make it all worthwhile.

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