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100 negative beliefs that are hurting your business

Learn how these 100 negative beliefs manipulate the success of you and your business and how you can let go of these beliefs to get back on track and accelerate the success of your business!


Hi, I’m Adriana

When I found out that the classic path of going to university and getting a well-paid job in a company wasn't what I wanted in life, I tried many things to find out where my path should lead.

I tried my luck in many industries, such as direct marketing, food, software, and many others. I failed big time with one of my startups and had to learn the hard way that what really makes me happy is not fulfilling the dream of many to start a big company that brings in billions of dollars, but to start a company that actually represents my values and gives me the financial and personal freedom to do my favorite things.

Since then, I have created successful and profitable multiple six-figure businesses that give me the freedom to live my life the way I want to. This includes morning yoga, daily meditation, and the ability to travel where I want, when I want.

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Have you ever wondered what you will regret at the end of your life? In all likelihood, it will be the things you didn't try, not the things you did try. I decided to act on the principle of taking my life into my own hands, and I'm going to show you how you can do the same.


Top 5 Business Models for Building A Profitable Business


Discover my top 5 business models that will enable you to work smarter toward your goal of personal and professional freedom in 2023.