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This Is the Sign That You Need a Business for Freedom

Are you seeking a business that truly sets you free? Let's find it out.

Are you tired of driving to the same gray office every day, seeing the same long faces, and thinking to yourself "this can't be my life…" Or maybe you're happy at your current job and like your colleagues, but at the end of the month you look at your bank account and realize that it's back to zero.

I had a great salary early on and a 6-figure annual income by the time I was 23 - I couldn't complain about my financial compensation, yet I had a major problem: I spent my entire day from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. at my job, which wasn't even really fulfilling. I had arrived at a job that initially sounds like a dream to me and many others - A digital startup with 4 days of home office per week, 30 days of vacation and a 6-figure income.

However, I felt like I was selling my soul in the process, not making any real progress in my career. I felt like I was wasting my potential to work into someone else's pockets, at the same time I felt like I was complaining at a high level and not allowed to complain.

What is a reason for change for you may not be for someone else and that's okay. Our human psyche is complex and everyone has a different story. So you don't have to explain yourself to others why you want more than what you already have.

The following 3 things are signs that you want more in life and a Business for Freedom could help you get there.

Are you as excited as I am? Here we go.

Sign 1: You feel like you desperately need a change because the life you're living right now can't go on like this.

Whether it's the salary, your colleagues or the job itself, life is just too short to spend most of your time every day doing something that makes you unhappy.

Maybe it was once your dream to get this job but now it's just too monotonous? It used to be my dream to climb the ladder to the top in a corporation, but when I started to take the first steps I quickly realized that the lives of my bosses were anything but what I wanted for myself.

Waking up at  age 45 in my house, for which I would have to pay off endless mortgage installments every month, then being stuck in traffic for half an hour, fighting for a parking space in front of the office and showing up punctually at 8 a.m. for the daily meeting with my team. Then I have to attend boring meetings all day long in which I learn that the management is pushing through yet another change in strategy and that my work is going into the trash can. Getting into my car at 7 p.m., being stuck in  traffic for another half hour and then not even being able to say "good night" to my kids? The image was omnipresent and I was absolutely clear, this can't be and won’t be my life!

Or maybe you have already found your dream job but the rest is still not right?

Sign 2: You like doing what you do, but you've reached a personal limit - you just can't do more to make more profit.

Have you found your dream job or have you already started your own business but the work just gets you down? There are many people who have worked hard to finally turn their hobby into a profession, but then 2 years later realize that their dream has become a nightmare.

They realize that they have to deal much more with operational activities such as bookkeeping, customer meetings and creating invoices than they actually do with their job. Often, you’ve got to deal with employees and everything seems to go over your head.

Maybe being an employee is easier or maybe you are just not made for entrepreneurship?

Sign 3: Everything is great but you have always wanted to fulfill a special life dream.

Have you always dreamed of living on the beautiful coast of southern France or opening your own surf school in Bali? At the same time, you actually have a great job, your pay is good and your colleagues are great... if it wasn't for that voice screaming for more.

How about living in Spain, Singapore or maybe Costa Rica?

Only you know how your life should look like

When you tell other people about your dreams, you will rarely experience unconditional understanding. Have you ever experienced that you have euphorically told someone about your plans and all you hear is: "Are you crazy? You have such a great job!" or "You have so much security now, why on earth would you want to give that up?" - we call these people dream stealers.

Most of the time you are confronting them with your plan with their deepest fears or frustrations and they can't handle that themselves.

Most people, especially in Western culture, deny their own dreams in order to remain part of the system that offers them supposed security. If you break out of it, they will have to come to terms with the fact that it could be actually possible for them as well.

Sometimes, however, this voice lurks within you that tells you that it is crazy to give up what you are used to, often a subpersonality that we call in transactional analysis the "critical parent ego" speaks up. The task of this subpersonality is, as the name suggests, to critically question your intentions and to make sure that you do not do dangerous things out of a childish reverie.

Everyone has this voice inside them, but if you don't identify it as such, you can run the risk of letting it rule your life entirely, rather than just perceiving it as just one that tries to keep you safe.

The possibilities with a Business for Freedom

A Business For Freedom is my term for a business that allows you to work independent of time and place. This means that it runs in auto mode, so to speak, and generates money for you without you having to work directly for it. Many entrepreneurs find themselves in a hamster wheel of self-employment, trading their money for time.

However, a Business For Freedom is different, it is more like a system that you have designed to generate money regardless of your working hours.

A Business For Freedom also doesn't have a multitude of employees and liabilities to tie you down. Instead, it works with partnerships and external resources that you have the flexibility to manage.

Because of the freedom you gain with a Business For Freedom, you can still realize your dream of owning your own surf school or candle production, but without the financial pressure that comes with these types of businesses. Instead, you can do what you really want to do, secured by your Business For Freedom, regardless of how much money it makes you.

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