Tool overview



  • 100% free of charge if you are using it alone
  • Highly flexible and adjustable for your needs
  • Databases, Timelines, Calendars and much more
  • One Database and multiple views on it
  • Pre-done templates for free and for charge
  • Connections to almost all apps you're using as an entrepreneur



  • Functions like a digital cashier for your online business
  • Helps you receive payments from customers through your website or app, just like a cashier handles cash at a store
  • Easy to connect to almost any site or app
  • Can calculate applicable tax rates, send invoices, and provide a customer login to download invoices later
  • To use Stripe, you need to have your company incorporated and a bank account set up
  • No monthly charges; Stripe takes a commission on each sale processed through it
  • Within Stripe, you can initiate refunds, monitor fraud detection, and more, acting as a dashboard for your payments

Website building


  • Squarespace: Great for websites that don't require high levels of customization but should look nice, have smooth, pre-built functionalities, and can be easily updated
  • Avoid custom programming if you're not an expert
  • Own the domain yourself (!)
  • Check the applications you can connect first


  • Webflow: Ideal for sophisticated websites where aesthetics and individuality are crucial, but complex logic isn't needed
  • Avoid custom programming if you're not an expert
  • Own the domain yourself (!)
  • Check the applications you can connect first



  • I highly recommend using Shopify, as it offers the most seamless experience by far
  • A huge store is available for nearly all types of applications to connect with it
  • Lots of standard processes simplify your workflow
  • Easy to connect to Stripe
  • Affordable templates
  • Ability to connect to various warehouse providers for order fulfillment
  • Supports both physical and digital products
  • Don't change the code yourself - either use a template or hire an expert, as Shopify has its own programming language and many things are interconnected

Marketing automation

Stan Store

  • A storefront tool that helps you run your business without a website
  • Hosts and delivers products and freebies
  • Email Marketing included
  • Integration with Mailchimp
  • Easy Landing page builder
  • Link-in-bio for Instagram


  • Set up chat automation and flows for multiple social platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram and more.
  • Create custom triggers if someone comments a specific word on your post or sends it as a direct message.
  • Collect lead data and transfer it to your database.
  • Use fully automated messaging to collect leads on autopilot.



  • Self-scheduling of meetings
  • Connection to your calendar
  • Automatically sends invites (even with call links)
  • Automated meeting reminders
  • Time zone management



  • Thousands of templates
  • Free AI and editing features
  • Detect and join trends
  • Easy to download in the correct format



Easy, fast, and free to set up, customizable with drag-and-drop functionality.


A highly sophisticated CRM, scalable for large teams, very customizable, requiring experts with Salesforce programming experience.


Ideal for smaller teams like agencies, offering solutions for various industries.



  • Free to get started
  • Work and collaborate in teams
  • Numerous templates available for free
  • Build your style guide and reuse it
  • Automatically saves progress



  • Easily screen capture (desktop and mobile)
  • Capture video and screen simultaneously
  • Easy sharing via a link
  • Free plan available
  • Perfect for sharing instructions or thoughts when a call isn't necessary



If you need a sophisticated solution and possibly have design experience, Figma is ideal. You can work on up to three projects for free with full functionality, and each project allows unlimited designs. This is an excellent, flexible, and straightforward solution for creating designs for almost any platform or format.


If you're not a designer and lack experience, Canva lets you create designs easily for all platforms, even from your phone. Basic features are free, and it offers many templates and pre-prepared formats.

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