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I support women who are ready to build a smart, profitable online business that no 9-to-5 job could ever compete with.

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From R&D Business Analyst in a global corporate job ...

I started my career at the age of 17 with a dual study program for a B.Sc. in Business Informatics with a German automotive manufacturer. After that I started in the R&D department as a business analyst, from that moment on I was fully immersed in the corporate world.

It seemed to be my dream job, I was allowed to accompany vehicles that saw the light of day only 5 years later, however, I quickly had to realize that my development opportunities in this environment were more limited by corporate politics than I ever wanted to admit. In addition, the life of my superiors was far from how I imagined my own.

xo Adriana Bubori

... to Corporate Entrepreneur ...

Through an in-house Innovation Challenge, I was able to found my first startup project within the group, fundraise and build a team that sold our product internationally in 7 countries. In the process, I discovered my entrepreneurial spirit and was ready to leave the corporate harbor for this adventure.

... to Entrepreneur ...

After another year in a startup, I was already earning 6 figures at the age of 22. Together with my husband, I then founded an agency and later two more startups in different industries. I discovered entrepreneurship for myself not only as a career path, but also as a philosophy of life, as it gave me the freedom to shape my life the way I want. However, I had to earn this freedom with many learnings, losses and stumbling blocks.

... to Educator

As more and more women approached me about my path and my learnings and asked for advice, I realized that with this knowledge I can simplify the lives of so many people. I trained as a personal coach and now help women achieve the same success for themselves and make the dream of personal and professional freedom come true.

I am not exceptionally talented, and yet extraordinarily successful.

I was not blessed with talents that are highly valued by our society, such as singing or craftsmanship. Instead, through an analytical and strategic approach, a lot of courage and a portion of luck, I have built online businesses that fulfill me and at the same time offer me the financial freedom and independence to travel the world and live my dream life.


time to grow


I founded my first own startup internally in an automotive company, held over 80 workshops in one year, fundraised internally, founded my own team, expanded internationally and thus discovered my entrepreneurial spirit.

taking the first step


I built my first blog and side hustled in different industries like direct marketing, food industry, freelancing and dropshipping. Due to cash flow problems of the corporate group where I had my startup, it was shut down.


I moved to Switzerland to gain experience in a startup as a product manager, and in the same year I founded my first public company with my husband, an agency in the luxury segment that made six figures, tripling my corporate income in its first year, and a food startup.

fail and try


After our food startup failed as we couldn't find a product market fit in the given time (even after being featured on Shark Tank), I started a software startup and was able to get 400 prospects on our waiting list in 2 days. I started my personal coach training and was asked for advice by more and more female founders who I started to coach in building their successful online businesses.

Picture this

You wake up and see the sales your online business generated for you in your sleep, and have the freedom to decide if you want to go to the beach or to a cute café today?

Fed up with the 9-to-5 hustle, you want to break out, pursue your ideas and have a life full of adventure and the freedom to pursue the things you love. No boss, no office hours, but all the more room for your success. Make the decision and join me:

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What my students say
"Adriana's strategies helped me figure out what I really wanted. For me, it wasn't a big team, but a small business that helps me work remotely from where I want. After only 10 months, I can now do what I love full time!"
- Laura
What my students say
"With Adriana I have finally found what really fulfills me and developed an idea that also frees me financially!"
- Anna

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Do you want the freedom to decide for yourself when and where you're going to work today? Then let's get started together. (Even if you don't have a clear business idea, yet)